Well, sometimes you want to try out everything Zack has in the shop or you somehow picked the wrong size. No worries, things like these happen.

Zack understands. That is why you have options:

  • return the product and get a refund
  • return the product and exchange it for another colour or size

BUT don’t forget, after receiving your order, you have 14 days to return or exchange your product.

If you live abroad, then write to Zack zack@zackmarques.com and we will find the best solution.

If you live in Estonia, then follow the steps below.


We have made it as easy as possible for you to return or exchange products:

  • Fill the form. You can find it from here.
  • Send the form to zack@zackmarques.com
  • Find a parcel machine (Omniva/Itella/DPD), enter the return code and send the package back to Zack. It’s free of charge.
  • Omniva.
    Select “Return” from the menu, enter the return code you received with the e-mail or SMS, place the sticker that the machine gives you on the package. Put the package into the locker, close the door and press “Confirm”.

    If you didn’t get return code by SMS or e-mail, you still have a chance to return the package. Leave the original package card on your package. Choose ”Return Parcel” from parcel machine menu, scan the bar code or enter initial code you received, put the package into the locker and press ”Confirm”.
    Return card will be added by courier later when the packages will be collected.
  • Itella Smartpost.
    Select “Return” form the menu and enter the same code you got when you received your package. Put the package into the locker, close the door and press “Print the receipt”.
  • DPD.
    Place the return sticker you received with your order on the package. Choose „Send parcel“, then „Send prelabelled parcel“. Scan the bar code on return sticker, choose suitable parcel locker for the package, place your package in the locker, close the door and confirm the sending process on the screen.

  • We will contact you as soon as we have received the form of return/exchange.

CROSS YOUR HEART! I hope you understand, that Zack can decline the return or exchanged products’ refund, if the product has any signs of use – it means that it’s not the same product it was shipped from Zack’s warehouse. It also means that all costs of return/exchange will come out of your pockets. So, if you have rocked a party with it, we’ll say “NICE WORK”, but we’ll also know. Do not break our trust, it hurts.

You can read more about what products cannot be returned or exchanged from Privacy Policy.

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