Trust me, if Zack could, then he would personally bring you the package. Well, you never know, maybe one day it might even happen, but until then it will be done by main courier companies in Estonia.

You can also pick up your order from Zack’s little studio in Erika 14, 10416 Tallinn, ESTONIA.



Zack knows how anxious you may be for your order to arrive and that is why we urge to do the best we can to deliver it asap:

  • After Zack has received the sale transaction, it takes 1-3 business days for the delivery to arrive at the destination.
  • Orders will be delivered to parcel machines in Omniva or Itella Smartpost couriers and it will cost 3€. The shipping cost will be added to your order at checkout. NB! Except during some campaigns etc. 
  • Your wish is our command wherever you are. So, if you want to order outside Estonia or even Europe, feel free to contact and we will do our best to find a solution for it.



Free delivery is granted for orders over 200€. Special delivery from Zack himself will be granted for orders over 500€. Well, within Estonian borders.

No extra shipping charges will be added to your order if you choose to pick it up yourself from Zack’s studio in Väike-Ameerika 8, Tallinn.



All customers can return their products within 14 days. Read more about returns and exchanges from here.

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