Gift card

Gift Card box for those who have heard from their friend/girlfriend that they are in love with Zack but are not exactly sure what size they wear or what they already have in their closet but birthday/anniversary is coming closer and you can’t go empty handed 🥳

  • something extra, just like Zack likes 😉;
  • choose your box color – pink or black;
  • add preferred amount;


Choose your color

Set an amount

Delivery info

If empty, will be sent to your email address
  • valid only in Zack’s online store or in our Studio at Arsenali Keskus, Erika 14;
  • Gift Card box cannot be redeemed alongside a discount code or other promotional discounts (there is only one coupon cell unfortunately 😬);
  • valid 6 months from the date of purchase;
  • delivered by post so it won’t lose its “will you wear me” effect
  • 100% paper
  • Length: 5,5cm
  • Width: 5,5cm
  • Height: 5,5cm