„The perfect man in your wardrobe.“

Well, not that creepy skeleton-one that’s been haunting you, but someone who would make you feel pretty, boost your confidence and never argue with you. That first-kiss kind of guy with butterflies in your stomach.

He’s a bit mysterious. Most of his ideas come from out of space (or while going to the bathroom, because that’s a really good place for thinking new ideas 💡). You may never know (and neither does he) how many designs there will be in a collection, what colours are in style or who is the fashion icon of the season. He knows that COMFORT is in fashion and aims to make comfy clothes with a little twist.

Zack tries to use as much fabric as possible and does not produce in high volume. There is also not a big range of sizes available – most popular ones are 36 and 38 and others he will gladly make custom. Some pieces are unique & colourful like a patchwork and made from little pieces of fabric left from production. Zack also uses many fabrics from factories’ old collections that are so called leftovers. 

Well, let’s be honest, fashion industry is the most pollutive industry in the world and believe me Zack also thought about being a lawyer or work in real estate business, but you only got one life and Zack wanted to follow his dream.

Trust me, you can also follow your dream and be nice to the world you’re dreaming on.

Zack is proudly made in Estonia (fun fact, according to the statistics there is no one or less than 5 people whose name is Zack in Estonia, but there are 1925 men with a name Jaak and that’s almost the same thing).

Maybe one day you might go out on a date with Zack, because you just met a cool guy after a really bad breakup, or you just lost ten pounds and want to show it off. Well, dear, Zack has 3 words to tell you – ZACK IT UP! You’ll look gorgeous!

You can’t find him on Tinder (well, he’s in a relationship already and it seems serious), but he would love to be your pen pal. So, whenever you feel right, feel free to write zack@zackmarques.com


Zack and the team


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