Denim crop-top dress with long fringes


  • from TFW collection
  • wow-wow effect dress
  • denim crop-top is made from old jeans 😉
  • meter-long fringes as a skirt
  • wear with shorts (more sensual)
  • or with long trousers (more cool-casual)
  • cup size B or C
  • zipper in the back and adjustable straps
  • proudly made in Estonia
From TFW collection! This is a wow-wow dress! Its crop-top is made from old jeans found in second hand shop 😉 It has a see-through bottom with meter-long fringes. You can wear shorts underneath it to have a more sensual look or long trousers for more causal but cool look 😎 Size is S/36, but cup B or C suits best