Sweatshirt HOLLY fuchsia with pleated scarf


  • choose a preferred size 34, 36 or 38
  • choose one size down – more fitted look is better
  • classical sweatshirt cut
  • cool pleated scarf detail
  • scarves are findings from second hand shops
  • there’s two from each scarf
  • something new and something old together
  • unique and one of a kind
  • proudly made in Estonia
Some years ago we had a collection called Human-A. The whole idea came from one sentence that kept running in my mind - "There is no planet-B, it's human-A". And because Zack likes to shop in Humana second hand shops for really unique and cool findings, he felt sad that most clothes in there might never find a new owner. So, the collection was made from Humana shop findings: torn apart, mixed together and added new details. It gave these old pieces a new beginning. Collection was a success and we sold most of it. Because washing/cleaning, tearing clothes apart and putting them back together takes more time that making a new one, this idea set in the back part of Zack's brain for a little while. Step by step we are bringing it back to our collections and this product is kind of a hybrid - sweatshirt is new, but all these beautiful scarves are findings from Humana shop. Gorgeous prints, silky-feeling and pleats. Choose a scarf you like (there's 2 from each colour) and write preferred size into the box below.  

Scarves are polyester-mix and sweatshirt is 70% cotton and 30% polyester (with Oeko-Tex 100 certificate)

Eva wears size 36
Eva’s height 170
Eva’s chest circumference 94cm

Product’s length from back 57cm
Length of pleated scarf might vari from 35 to 45 cm.

This sweatshirt can be machine washed, BUT be g e n t l e!

  • close the belt
  • turn inside out
  • gentle machine wash program
  • 30 degrees and 800 rpm
  • dry flat
  • iron at 110 degrees, but be careful with the scarf

If the pleats have worn out a bit after wash, then iron/steam them a little to get back in shape.