Pleated skirt PEPPER


  • special print made by Zack
  • looks good with heels and sneakers
  • eye-catchy colour combo
  • makes others jealous and they will probably ask you were´ d you get it
  • read about the measurements below 👇
  • proudly made in Estonia
This skirt is from Antoniuse Fashion Show. It looked awesome on paper as a sketch and looks even more awesome in real life. Chillies are drawn by Zack and printed on fabric. If you like to get compliments, then this is definitely one of those items in your wardrobe. Wear with heels or sneakers - looks good with everything and everyone. Btw. this skirt is designed so that one side is shorter, but due to hidden zipper you can wear it also shorter side in front.💃

Chillies: 97% polyester 3% elastane
Red: 89% polyester 11% spandex

Okay, I know it sucks, but dry cleaning is best for this product – they’ll know what to do.

Liisa-Carmen wears size 36
Liisa-Carmen’s height 170cm
Product’s length 53cm (shorter side) and 84cm
Product’s width is very wide, it’s a cloche 💃

NB! Measurements are most important, not the size number. Size 36 is suitable for 70cm waist and size 38 for 73cm waist (+/- 1cm). Don’t be afraid to try – if it does not fit, you can send it back within 14 days. 😉